Family Fun Break


One of my favorite memories as a teenager was a scavenger hunt we did with a youth group. We were all given a sealed envelope that contained a map and then a sheet of paper that held the items we were to “hunt” and directions based on them. For instance on said “Turn right at the fire truck.” I remember that one. We looked for a fire station but in reality it was really a little fire engine bird feeder. We nearly got lost because we drove right past it. If we had gotten lost we could have opened the envelope for the actual directions.

So how can you incorporate a scavenger hunt into your family fun?

  • Scavenger Hunt  Vacation- This can be done a couple of different ways. You can have the route mapped out and then let your children look for the items on the list. Or, if you’re really brave create a random list as you go. “Okay the next blue mailbox we’ll turn right.” Just have fun with it.
  • Movie Scavenger Hunt- Create a scavenger hunt to go with the theme of the movie you’re watching. The fist one to finish their list gets a prize as simple as a candy bar.
  • Road Trip Scavenger Hunt– If you are able to take two vehicles have two people map out the destination using only “found” items along the way and then trade maps.
  • Intimate Scavenger Hunt- ( Note:  This one is just for Mom and Dad) Shortly before we were married I went to my then fiancee’s house and hid several items of a personal nature with clues to where the next one was hidden. By the time he was finished we were both red in the face and he had a number of “gifts” for our honeymoon.  This idea could also be used as a fun date night for  Mom and Dad. Just be sure the kids are out of the house or that you limit the “hiding” to the bedroom.

Another cute idea from No Time for Flashcards involved hiding puzzle pieces. You can find that here.

Now go enjoy your family!


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